About Us...

NOVUM company was founded in 1992 with its headquarters in Kikinda, Serbia. Through partnerships with suppliers and partners, we develop an internal database of technical and technological solutions with application in various technical, technological and energy plants.

Today, NOVUM employs highly educated electrical and mechanical engineers whose focus is on design solutions for the automation of technological plants in industry.

The main activity of our company is the production of equipment and systems for automatic control, regulation and visualization in industrial processes, which includes engineering measurement, control and regulation of programmable logic controllers and process visualization systems, and their servicing, maintenance, installation and commissioning.

The secondary activity of our company is the maintenance, servicing and improvement of filling machines and packaging and labeling lines made by our company.

The platform on which NOVUM builds its project solutions is based on hardware and software solutions and components of the company SIEMENS, whose long-term partners we are.


NOVUM operates several branches of industry and in several markets, which guarantees the stability of business.

We place our services and products primarily on the market of Serbia and neighboring countries, while secondarily we have the opportunity to do business anywhere.

Our team of engineers speaks several foreign languages, primarily English and Russian.