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Tube fill and seal machines


In its offer, Novum offers automatic and semi-automatic machines with a round table for packaging in formed packaging. These machines work with different packaging formats and are easily customizable for each of them. These machines are suitable for packaging in polyethylene and aluminum tubes up to 50mm diameter, bottles ...

The semi-automatic machine includes the following actions:

  • volumetric dosing
  • heating tubes
  • closing tube
  • hair clipping
  • ejecting the tube from the work table
  • Separation of the dispenser for independent work
  • packaging orientation (optional)
  • module for placing aluminum foil on packaging (optional)

The automatic machine includes the following actions:

  • automatic packaging of packaging in a craft table
  • orientation of the packaging
  • volumetric dosing
  • permeation of aluminum tubes
  • heating the PE tube
  • closing tube
  • PE tube final cut
  • work in a protective atmosphere (optional)
  • ejecting the tube from the work table
  • ultrasonic welding of PE tubes (optional)

Machines work with pasty materials as well as with various solutions with easy replacement of the dosing head. An optional machine can be prepared for working with abrasive substances.


Novum is proud to have an abrasive paste machine in its offer. This machine is unique in our market. Uses weight-controlled volumetric dosing with coarse and fine dosing. In use it has proven to be productive, wear-resistant and very accurate. Within the machine there is a module for separation of non-satisfactory packaging.